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NG Rap Battle Competition

Posted by Blasphem-E - May 18th, 2010

All right, in the spirit of the recent NGHH competition, I'm going to host a battle tournament.

Here's the format I'm thinking of:
Make your own track (beat can be anything you have rights to, AKA no industry beats)
no size limit
Double elimination
3 judges per battle
People will have 1 week to make their track, NO EXTENSIONS will be given under ANY circumstances. (if you can't upload it, find someone who can)

Am I missing anything?

Comments (8)

you might be missing the thing that makes ppl join the competition like a free tshirt from NG or a exclusive song or a lash cartoon dedicated to the winner just a few suggetions hope the contest works for you dude

I might offer a free beat lease, but I'm not in a position to offer official NG prizes

Im in...


I'm in. Will there be hosting for the tracks? How will you determine who goes first? What sort of restrictions if any will there be on lyrical conten?. Who will retain the rights to the submissions? What about using something from NG audio? What will be the judge's criteria? Who will the judges be? You say no size limit, but what about a time limit?

Tracks can be placed on newgrounds by the rapper. Probably just have to put NGRBC before the track name and we'll keep track of where everything is. Going first doesn't matter, each person is doing their own track. No restrictions on lyrical content, other than you can't use the line "clitoris hadron collider". Rights will remain with the rappers, as per ng policy. All NG beats are under creative commons, so rappers can feel free to use any of them. Judges will need to volunteer, so I don't know yet on that. I'll put a 6 minute time limit on that, because after that shit is retarded. It does NOT need to be anywhere near that long though.

Good questions.

Im your Judge. (god I love this phone)

You can be a judge for sure. Not every judge will judge every battle, and if you feel for any reason you would be unable to provide an unbiased opinion in a particular battle, let me know

I shall ze judge also...Do we go over the winner in the
pm or wat?

Each of the judges will send their vote to me via PM

Me and MicEssence(a.k.a ensight) are in...just hit us up on skype with more details

I'll be making a new news post in a week or so with all the details

Im down :D im coming much harder than the last battle, everything is stepping up :D so be ready.

All right, I'll let you know when I officially have sign up

yo wyze, i had an idea for you to try and find more people for the battle. i was reading in the posts before, people were like " iwish i hhad entered this battle, im better" you know what im saying? if you have the time, go through some of the earlier rounds, there seemed to be a good amount of people who wanted to battle that werent in the previous one.

For sure. I'll try to do that. If you know of anybody else who I could try and recruit, hit me up on msn/aim/skype