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This is where I write about myself. But fuck that. Read the news posts, those are better.

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Blasphem-E's News

Posted by Blasphem-E - March 4th, 2009

I think Wyldfyre1 deserves a hot sexy party with a lot of naked chicks. That's right, I said it. Anybody who's talked to him knows he's cool enough to deserve it. If you agree with me, post here and repost this to your profile.

Posted by Blasphem-E - February 22nd, 2009

Well, I think I'm going to be touching up older projects that I abandoned and submitting them here...
Along those lines, please check out my latest 2 songs.

Posted by Blasphem-E - February 15th, 2009

Some people may have noticed an issue with my ventrillo server over the past couple of days. Apparently, the place I'm renting from felt like stopping the service until I manually restarted the server. The problem should be fixed now.

Posted by Blasphem-E - February 2nd, 2009

EDIT: Top 5 and a third week at top 30? Thanks guys!

Although unfortunately, my sound card seems to be shot to hell. It's not taking input devices well at all (might send a very limited range of waves to it) and the built in speakers aren't that great. Damn. I'll see when I can get that fixed. In the meantime, you may notice anything I post in the next few days will be horribly mastered. Let me know what I need to do for my tracks please.

The following are IRC logs taken from talking to chronamut. I'll let them speak for themselves

<Chronamut>fine you wanan talk?
<Chronamut>lets talk
<wyze>honestly dude, I don't see why you're making a deal about this
<Chronamut>im not anymore - people are now flogging a dead horse
<Chronamut>i just wanted answers
<Chronamut>that lead to B0UNC3 discovering it broke the rules of ngs
<Chronamut>and requesting it got deleted
<wyze>and the fact that you would start bullying others to delete it
<wyze>how does it break the rules?
<Chronamut>i didnt bully anyone
<Chronamut>it flames a user - jokingly or not
<Chronamut>it also leads to the potential to have everyone pming me accusing me of beign a thief
<Chronamut>i dont need that
<wyze>what do you think a quarter of ng hip hop is?
And it's not even a flame, it's a joke
<Chronamut>i dont care
<Chronamut>its a matter of principle
<wyze>how is it principle?
<Chronamut>because half the mods on ngs already think im a thief
<Chronamut>because they claim
<wyze>it's a small joke, that you originally thought it was funny
<Chronamut>that its inconceivable that i can have so many songs on ngs
<Chronamut>yes until i saw the implications
<Chronamut>half of the ngs staff would be thrilled to find some reason to delete all my songs
<Chronamut>it goes deeper than you realize
<wyze>did anybody actually PM you about it?
<Chronamut>ya druid did
<Chronamut>i wanted to nip this thing in the bud
<wyze>dude, Druid is Druid
<Chronamut>yes well other people arent
<Chronamut>and they will see what he writes
<Chronamut>and possibly beliueve him
<wyze>Druid likes 2 people on NG: Wyld, and F-777
<Chronamut>thats not the point
<wyze>maybe a couple more, but he hates everyone else
<Chronamut>the point is other people dont KNOW druid
<wyze>nobody ever believes his rant
<Chronamut>yes well i didnt want to take that chance
<Chronamut>esp. since he has the vent
<wyze>no he doesnt
<Chronamut>its just poison waiting to happen
<wyze>I have the vent
<Chronamut>well he DID
<wyze>it is mine, Ashley is no longer even involved
<Chronamut>i dont go nemore so i dont know these things
<Chronamut>neways its gone
<Chronamut>issue resulved
<wyze>you've posted on my thread about it
<Chronamut>and everyone can go back to normal
<Chronamut>sorry i have a short memory of thsoe kinda thingsa
<wyze>no, issue not resolved, you've created a horrible precedence, and you've pissed off several artists to the point they're contemplating leaving
<Chronamut>oh REALLY?
<Chronamut>i did all that?
<Chronamut>and what horrible precedence did i create?
<Chronamut>that you cant accuse users of lies in songs?
<wyze>dude, don't go making this personal
<Chronamut>dude let it drop
<wyze>I'm telling you what a lot of dudes are saying now
<Chronamut>you're the one that wanted to "talk about it"
<Chronamut>\i dont care what a lot of dudes say
<Chronamut>if they wanna leave then they dont deserve to be here neways
<wyze>well, then why are you btching about what wyld said?
<Chronamut>im sick of people's excuses
<wyze>dude, if you can't take a joke on the internet, maybe it isn't for you?<Chronamut>im not anymore
<Chronamut>you are
<Chronamut>i you argue on the internet
<Chronamut>then maybe it isnt for you either
<Chronamut>honestly all this animosirty over my actions causing wyld to remove a song?<Chronamut>i stand by my actions and have no remorse
<wyze>and make a huge deal, going after wyld publicly
<Chronamut>this conversation is over
<Chronamut>i didnt go after him publicly hahaha
<wyze>yes it is, fuck this, this is useless
Chronamut>now shut up or leave

Posted by Blasphem-E - January 28th, 2009

Two weeks in a row at the top 30

First, last week, Sting-reflections was #1, this week, Wyze - Warning shots is #2. Take that moonpie lmao.

Anyways, figured I'd announce upcoming collabs with Rooby Kill all and GronmonSE .

Shit's going to be awesome boys and girls. But if any of you are up for collabing, hit me up on either MSN, AIM, Vent, or here.

Speaking of Vent, all you kiddies need to come to Newgrounds Vent, hit me up for the info.

Also, penises.

Posted by Blasphem-E - January 2nd, 2009

09 should be awesome. I'll be continually getting better as I'm sure many of you will. Let's make this a year to remember

Posted by Blasphem-E - December 25th, 2008

Have a merry fucking Christmas!

Posted by Blasphem-E - November 24th, 2008

Well, as NUGV veterans may be aware, Druid took down the server early today. telliath found a new one for us. If you want onto it then send us a PM asking for the info.

Posted by Blasphem-E - November 2nd, 2008

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Amazing night, we went around a bunch of places here in Ridge doing the thriller dance. So fun, more videos will be up when I finally get the cameras that our group filmed with.

Posted by Blasphem-E - October 6th, 2008

Yes I have only been at this for about a month. I have never recorded anything before the first song I uploaded here, so if I sound new, it's because I am. I appreciate all constructive criticism to help me improve