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Blasphem-E's News

Posted by Blasphem-E - October 12th, 2009

Okay Newgrounds. Quick update:

Rise of the Wyze is on hold. No idea when I'll be done it. Sometime around the I will also be releasing the Redeem this City EP.

In the meantime, starting yesterday I have started a 7 days - 7 instrumentals challenge. I have just uploading labyrinth of facades, number 2. Expect 1 more every day for the next 5 days. Please, review.

Anyways, thanks for coming by.

Posted by Blasphem-E - September 26th, 2009

I got stabbed and rthen recorded the next day. Now brb, hurts like a bitch

Posted by Blasphem-E - September 16th, 2009

No man, I'm a bear

Posted by Blasphem-E - August 15th, 2009

It has come to my attention that many of you kiddies seem to believe you understand how to cuss. You don't know shit. Fuck this, fuck that is just unoriginal. This is not aimed at anyone, but people need to learn how to cuss, let me give you an example.

You dudes are fucking retards. I mean, God damn, how stupid were the other sperm. They probably went the wrong way and ended up in the bladder. Its a wonder you found the egg, fucking numbnuts. Shit, you're lame ass, retarded ass, bitch mother fucking moronic crew couldn't empty a boot full of fucking piss with instructions on the heal.

Just a quick example off the top of my head. Honestly, if you're going to cuss, be creative with it.

Posted by Blasphem-E - July 16th, 2009

UPDATE: New vent, hit me up for details. Also, it's my birthday :D

Okay, so I'm a little bit confused here. Normally, I try to stay fairly docile. I don't put myself in a lot of positions to pick a fight. I mean, other than moonpie, who came at me when all I did was ask why he hated flashmac, I haven't really had any enemies here on NG. Well, until recently.

So, I understand that the bad blood between myself and casey Jones, otherwise known as Mista Ayzee, is partially my fault. I went off on the deep end when I reviewed his Ill-E track after he had responded to other reviewers by brushing them off. So, that went to tracks, and it's done now, he's said I won, and I am happy to say there is no bad blood between us.

Okay, so one mini skirmish, no big deal. But within a couple of days of that, suddenly I've got Dj Delinquient all pissed at me over Mercury's News Post. Now, under normal circumstances, when I debate, everyone knows that anything goes, and nothing gets taken outside the debate. Personal attacks are discarded, and nobody is pissed at each other. Apparently, this isn't the case here. I had figured that with a guy like delinquient who says things how he sees it, I would be able to do the same. However, delinquient has taken offense to my words, and so I apologized for not ensuring that we both knew that nothing in that htread is personal. However, I ask you, Newgrounds, did I go to far?

Finally, and this is just dumb, Dj Ses came at me with allegations of biting. He claims my line
"But maybe, lately, I've been going crazy,
But that isn't going to stop me from destroying mista ayzee"
In my Casey Jones/Mista Ayzee diss here is biting from something he said in his Keep the Game Poppin track with Kill Bill. I do not see any lines that could even be considered biting, so I asked him about it, and so far, he has refused to tell me how I am, in his opinion, biting him. So, again I must ask you guys, do you see where my line could possibly be construed as biting? I can say for a fact that I was not, but is it possible he has a similar line in his track? I don't see it personally, but let me know.

So, to sum up:
Casey/Ayzee and I are cool
I have no problem with Dj-Delinquient, but apparently he has an issue with me after a debate we had.
DJ Ses should either show me where he thinks I'm biting, or rescind his comment, because unless he's got something similar, how can anyone take his allegation seriously?

But, I'm still confused how I've managed to get in all these situations so fast...

EDIT: Deliquient and I apparently no longer have issues, which I'm happy about. Now just to see what the heck ses is on about..

Posted by Blasphem-E - June 7th, 2009

All right, here's the tracklist so far for the Rise of the Wyze, which I'm hoping to finish this summer. Note, there is still room for several more tracks, so if you want to do something else (has to involve me though, i.e. a beat made by me, have me on a verse, hook, or just a shout out to you at the beginning) then please by all means hit me up.

Rise of the Wyze
Prelude (open verse not yet decided)
The Entrance (Skit)
Weaponry (working title) Performed by Tek Da Beast
Verbal Apocalypse ft Unique Linx
Tripping ft Big Red
This is How (open verses for now)
Ominous Pacifism (working title) Performed by Nimbus the General
Breaking Free (Skit)
Penance (Produced by Ingenious)
Systemic Glitch ft Gasmasq
Spirits ft Gasmasq
Doom - Performed by or ft Kill Bill, not sure yet.
A New World Awaits (Nothing written yet, so if you want to do something on this beat, please hit me up)

Looking forward to hearing from more of you.

Posted by Blasphem-E - April 28th, 2009

Awards are dead. Too few nominations. Maybe next year people might give a shit.

Anyways, here's the full text of the essay I tried to post on my distractions remix. Written fully by me:

Hip hop is dying. And yes, I know Nas has said that before, and his album of the same name created a bit of a stir, but nothing has changed, and those with an interest in the pop culture machine quickly sidetracked any real conversation about the subject to make it sound like Nas was hating on the south. I can not know Nas' true intentions with that album, whether he truly cares or it was a publicity stunt. But what I can do is interpret what I think hip hop is dying means.

There is a plague amongst artists. Dudes are coming into hip hop thinking of it as a quick way to make money rather than a combination of art forms. These dudes know nothing of the culture, nor anything about hip hop other than sometimes the producing/rapping side of things. These guys seem to think that getting signed to a record label, hitting the mainstream and making millions of dollars is the definition of success for an artist. They do everything possible to sound like all the guys you hear on the radio, neglecting to think about two things:

1)Nobody cares about you if you sound exactly like somebody else, because that guy is already on the radio. Why would anybody want to play you if they can play the real person instead. And 2) The labels have already manufactured an image for these superstars. I have a large amount of respect for the labels and the singers/rappers they work with, but these guys are not artists. They follow more of a science-business mix. They hone in on what sort of style they can sell, then they kick the machine into full gear and watch as people are bombarded with words and images telling them that a certain artist is hot. Then, the labels follow the formula to repeat. This isn't hip hop, this isn't art. You can photocopy the Mona Lisa all day long and it doesn't change the fact that art isn't your talent.

Yet, despite this, I still hear people telling me that you are not an artist if you haven't gotten signed. Then, when I challenge them on their views, they back it up by saying that they are correct because CEO's and radio personalities would agree with them. Wake up. Of course a CEO is going to tell you that you can only be legitimate if you work with them. Of course these guys will tell you anything to make you buy into their system. Even then though, your average wannabe rich rapper will still trust the system, and trust the CEO's and labels, who make money off exploiting people, while still buying into the don't trust the police bullshit. Police are there to try to keep the peace, yes there are bad apples, but for the most part, they are there to help you, while the CEO's are their to screw you. Yet, you still believe the CEO's? Again I must say it: wake up.

But again, I said hip hop is dieing, not just rap. Graffiti is dieing. The B-Boy is almost forgotten. The true art of turntablism has been pushed back underground, and even there it is harder to find in many places then it once was. Yet, none of this is discussed. All you hear is this bullshit about Nas saying the south is killing hip hop and the south saying Nas is jealous of their money. First off, that's a horrible attitude. Instead of denying being the decay of an art form like any true MC would, you get Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne on the radio talking about how Nas just wants their money. Second, no, the south did not kill hip hop. What has been hurting the rapping part of the art is how suddenly everybody wants to sound like the stereotypical south rather than sound unique, or sound like themselves.

This brings me to my next thought. The loss of originality. As much as I don't personally like soulja boy or T-Pain, at the very least they at least tried something new. Soulja boy may be garbage, but he gets my respect because he is a far different type of garbage than every other mainstream artist you hear. T-Pain pioneered the use of the auto-tune effect in rap and R&B, which garners my respect. Then, you get the copycats again. Seems like all of the sudden everybody and their dog have decided that auto-tune makes them the shit. It doesn't. You are not original, you are not a visionary, you do not sound cool, learn how to sing or shut the fuck up. Once you hop on a bandwagon and start playing follow the leader like a lot of people have with auto-tune, you cease to be an artist, and become a copycat. I've seen dudes sell out to the mainstream despite not having sold anything or getting any real benefit from it, and it sickens me that they would not only sell out, but shortchange themselves while losing any creativity they previously had. Even worse, these people then listen to the actual art and have the nerve to criticize originality for it's non-conformance to the mainstream.

Then there is the decline in the quality of beef. While it would be nice to pretend that everybody should be able to get along, some people just won't see eye-to-eye, and so beef will occur. At the same time, you should expect these 2 people to still realize that this is a problem between musicians (for the lack of a better word) and should be settled in the music. Seems like every time I turn around dudes are challenging each other to actual fights, slapping people's Cousins, and just generally doing stupid shit rather than sitting down and working on actual track. Then there is the flip side, dudes who release so many battle tracks that they cease to have an effect. Here I'm thinking of guys like 50 cent, who at this point I wouldn't be surprised if I found out he was beefing with my old kindergarten teacher. People aren't taking there time to make there attacks great. Instead they lay back on the same tired cliche's and go with the quantity over quality idea. To these people I say: Wake up, and step up.

I already know I'm going to be challenged on what I'm saying. I will hear "you're just a white guy from the suburbs, what do you know about hip hop". Apparently, more than you. Hip hop is an art, and art is universal. It can be appreciated and understood by people of any culture, so long as they allow themselves to see the art. I can see it, I know many others who can, but a lot of people look at it solely as a business, and that's where the problem lays.

Let me break it down:
there is a plague killing hip hop.
If you look at hip hop as a way to make money, you are part of the plague
If you think rap is the same as hip hop AND consider yourself a rapper MC, you are part of the plague.
If you dismiss sampling as thievery, you are part of the plague
If you think grafitti is the same as tagging, you are part of the plague.
If you think that your little shoulder dance and bump and grind are part of B-Boying, fuck you, you are part of the plague.
If you think being ignorant and dumb is cool, you are part of the plague.

I'll let you guys post more If's here.

Posted by Blasphem-E - April 8th, 2009

All right, I know Cajete tried to do this, but then his beef with Reven took precedence and this fell by the wayside, so I am going to officially. bring forth the HHNG awards. Here are the basic rules:

Any tracks nominated for an award must have been posted between April 7th 2008 and April 7th 2009 unless otherwise stated.

Nominations should be done by PM, or they will not be counted

EDIT: Come on guys, I'm going to need more nominations....

That being said, the following are my categories: I am open to suggestions for new categories until April 15th, at that point the categories will be set. Nominations can be made between now and May 1, and voting will begin then.

Best Lyricist
Best Lyrics (song)
Best Punchlines (artist)
Best Punchlines (song)

Best Producer
Best Sampler
Best Electronic producer
Best Beat

Best hip hop track made by a person whom does not normally do hip hop (i.e. it's a secondary genre)

Best New Artist (first song was in window that I posted earlier)
Top Breakout Artist (any artist who first really started to get noticed this year)

Best Rapper
Best NG community rapper (Any rapper with over 50 reviews, shows they are actually a part of the NG community, and not just dumping songs for free publicity)

Best Producer
Best NG community Producer (I don't expect much difference here)

Best Reviewer
Best Community influence (i.e., helpful to people who ask for help, reviews others, etc.)

Best Battle (nominate both artists)
Best Diss track

Best older beat (anything before my beginning date above)
Best older song (same, - with vocals)

Best non-hip hop F-777 tribute (only put in so Wyld and I can win something :) )

Also: check my soundclick: http://soundclick.com/wyze-stingray

Posted by Blasphem-E - April 1st, 2009

What follows is a partial list of the word filters used for the April fools Day Prank.

newgrounds = China
Newgrounds: China
Forum: rice paddy
April: China
Fools: Rules
Fool: Rule
F00l: Rule
"Fool's": Rules
"Fools'": Rules
joke: improvement
prank: improvement
layout: government
staff: comrades
Americans: Capitalist Pigs
American: Capitalist Pig
America: Capitalist Pigs
funny: class struggle
chinks: blessed people
chink: blessed person
animation: revolution
subjugation: cooperation
freedom: capitalist oppression

"it's": is
"don't": no

blammed: celebrated
blamming: celebrating
blams: celebrations
blam: celebrate
moderate: subjugate
moderator: oppressor
moderation: subjugation
remodded: executed
modded: subjugated
spammed: reformed
spamming: reforming
spammers: reformers
spammer: reformer
spam: reform
Kongregate: Imperialists
Armor Games: Capitalist Aggressors
ArmorGames: Capitalist Aggressors
flash: bicycle
flashes: bicycles
games: physical exercises
game: physical exercise
movies: mental exercises
movie: mental exercise
censorship: cleaning and rectifying
censored: cleaned and rectified
censor: clean and rectify

fucking: liberating
fucked: united
fuck: liberate
faggot: comrade
gay: awesome
ghey: awesome
bullshit: bowl of rice
shitty: lovely
shits: loves
shit: love
pisses me off: makes me happy
crap: love
cock: tank
bitches: ladies
bitch: lady
porn: fortune cookie
dicks: chopsticks
dick: Chinese

worse: better
worst: best
least: most
lame: great
stupid: stupendous
failure: success
hate: love
wrong: right
dumb: awesome
ugly: pretty
sucked: ruled
sucks: rules
sucking: ruling
suck: rule
boring: exciting
fake: real
angry: happy
agnry: happy
terrified: overjoyed
king: field person
queen: field person

users: workers
user: worker
noob: worker
n00b: worker
idiot: gentleman
idiots: gentlemen
moron: gentleman
fool: gentleman
death: victory
dying: farming
died: reincarnated
raped: revolutionized
rape: revolutionize
beer: sake
wine: sake
Bible: Manifesto
religion: opiate of the masses
religious: indoctrinated
abortion: mandatory civil duty
mature: unfortunate content
adult: unfortunate content

OMFG: Oh My Dictatorship of the Proletariat
zomg: Oh My Dictatorship of the Proletariat
OMG: Oh My Dictatorship of the Proletariat
LMAO: giggle
LOL: giggle
GTFO: Leave in disgrace

sad: happy
bad: good
ban: reform
lie: truth
ass: bottom
God: Dictatorship of the Proletariat
BBS: rice paddy
Tom: Chairman Fulp
mod: oppressor
fag: comrade
AG: Capitalist Aggressors
NG: China
scores: levels of enlightenment
score: level of enlightenment
submissions: offerings
submission: offering
cunts: hearts
cunt: heart
fucks: citizens
votes: wishes
vote: wish
cum: future seed
tits: nourishments
tit: nourishment
vagina: life tunnel
blowjob: happy time
anal: surprise
lesbian: ideal
website: THE STATE
think: accept
fuckers: imperialists
fucker: imperialist
tibet: great province of the People's Republic of China
swear: oath
blockers: assistants
blocker: assistant
blocked: improved

crappy: beautiful
unblock: oppress
thread: communication
cartoon: means of production
balls: wontons
Public Radio: Socialist Manifesto
ray: heavenly beam
sale: redistribution
shirt: textile
our: collective

oppose: subvert
eat: consume with relish
not liking: very enjoying
atack: embrace
attack: embrace
blood: water of life
pisses: empowers
pissed: empowered
piss: empower
annoying: empowering
annoy: give

motherfucker: imperialist
motherfuckers: imperialists
trade: redistribute
filter: enhancement
wordfilter: word enhancement
peanut butter = n****r

Posted by Blasphem-E - March 16th, 2009

You all heard it right. DJ Darwin (my brother) is putting out a mixtape. This is an open call for any rappers who might want to get on it. Post your interest here. He'll have a listen to your stuff and let me know if he wants you on the mixtape.

This should be a really cool project