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Posted by Blasphem-E - April 24th, 2010

Posted by Blasphem-E - April 16th, 2010

Check out the new War Dogs (Wyze-stingray and Intaflex) album. It's free! http://www.megashare.com/2016571

Also, check out http://wyze-stingray.com

Posted by Blasphem-E - April 14th, 2010

New War Dogs (wyze and intaflex) EP coming soon

Posted by Blasphem-E - March 16th, 2010

All right, here's what's going down. For those of you who don't know about the hip hop competition, go look at http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/11 52381 .

For those of you that do, good luck to you. I'm in for the MC battle, non-sampling, and RPR is taking the best crew anthem. Have fun fighting for second place :)

Posted by Blasphem-E - February 10th, 2010

Well, I've officially cancelled my gamemonsters account. NG audio vent is gone. It will exist until the end of this billing period, so use it as much as you can in the meantime.

Posted by Blasphem-E - January 17th, 2010

Perhaps this will bring things into perspective, I know I'm missing a lot of people here, so please help me by giving me more names.

Ingenius (to an extent)

Will continue to be updated

EDIT: Also, leave suggestions for how the AP could be improved here please

Posted by Blasphem-E - January 4th, 2010

I took this from my author comments on Time Marches on because I'd like to see further discussion on this.

What is our one enemy, no matter who we are, no matter what we've done, no matter what our plans are? Time. With every passing second, our lives become shorter. And no matter what we do, we can not halt the progress of time. Our mental defenses, our mental conditioning, our hopes, our dreams, our achievements, our failures, our high points, our low points. All of these are brutally shoved away in due course by the relentless army of passing existence.

Every moment we have had has come to an end. Every moment we will have will come to an end. There is an old proverb that says that success is never permanent, and failure is never final. However, many have tried to fight against the tide that is represented by the clock. All have failed, and this failure is permanent. It is our unconquerable enemy, our immeasurable obstacle, our great equalizer. You cannot run from it, for you will find that although you can theoretically dilate time, this is only relative to everyone else. Time still matches you, step, by agonizing step.

It has brought an end to empires, civilizations, species, and has changed the face of our entire universe. Yet it does not tire. It marches on. Step, by step, by step, by step.

Every moment we waste is gone. Every second worrying is a second wasted. Time spent idle is time cast away with abandon without thought that we will never again see that moment. We become locked in a routine, forgetting that every moment is unique.

Some seek to do as much as they can in the short time they have, while missing out on the enjoyment, as they are so caught up in doing everything that they neglect themselves and their own souls. They do not reflect, they do not enjoy, they just do. Others get caught up in the same small bubble their entire lives, not thinking of everything they are missing. Still others choose to over reflect every moment. They take every moment and cherish it, but forget that reflection and inner wisdom both come from experience. Somewhere in there the balance exists, between experience, comfort, and contemplation. I know it exists because I have created it.

Have I found it? No. I do not even know where I placed it. I created the right balance for me. Now my quest is to find it. Just as your quest is to find the balance that you have already created that will make you happiest.

However, I know one thing. When my clock winds down, and I hear the footsteps of that unstoppable army, I will not panic. I will not worry myself in a futile attempt to escape from the army's clutches. Nor will I attempt to fight an unwinnable battle. I will turn, face the army, and accept the fate that has befallen all of our ancestors.

Time is our most precious commodity, do not waste it.

May your quest be exhilarating, enjoyable, educational and thought-provoking.

~Mike Simpson AKA Wyze-Stingray

Posted by Blasphem-E - December 7th, 2009

Ok, I've decided that I am going to really take my time on Redeem this City. Being my first real release, shit needs to be great. So what am I doing? Well, I'm practicing my flow and delivery constantly, working on several collabs, and stepping up my lyrics. When I am done working at this, I fully expect to be ranked amongst the best lyricists in rap, period. Not saying this will happen soon, but I'm working my ass off at this. While you won't get a completely mind blowing EP (I plan on balancing it for my first EP), there will be a few tracks which I am hoping will amaze many. Let me give you a preview of an unedited first draft here to show you what I mean:

"Picture this, when we look up high, our eyes on the sky
And try to decide what happens after our demise and we die
Our finite minds lack understanding of an infinite nature
So we envision a maker
But perhaps different dimensions are a possibility
And our consciousness joins our clones, elsewhere willingly
It's killing me, a million light years away
Another me could just now have that fear allayed
If the universe is infinite, maybe I'm not rapping
And every what if you've ever thought happened
But think about this, when you read an article
It's made of atoms, which are made of subatomic particles
which can be further broken down, the cycle's unending
So if you think the universe is large, man stop pretending
Mankind as a whole must be insignificant
Open a book, you'll find it's all riveting."

Mind blowing lyrics will be the beginning.

Peace to all.

Posted by Blasphem-E - November 24th, 2009

Ok, I want to put this out within the month, so if you want on it, hit me up NOW. And be prepared to do your track in a decent amount of time.

Thank you :D

Posted by Blasphem-E - November 12th, 2009

My mind's music merits mental memories: majestically